It’s been a long while. I have been focusing more on my other blog, the baby one, and less on this. But my topic today is not baby related, but rather a discovery of life choices. I have been increasingly obsessed with Bollywood films, and as such India, in general. The country is beautiful, vibrant, and overall everyone is peaceful and tolerant of others. Even more amazing, and Rob has pointed this out to me in the past, is that the Hindu religion is strangely spot-on with what I have always believed in: the concept of reincarnation, the fact that there is no such thing as hell. that God is everywhere and represented in everything, the list goes on.

For the past several days I have been nose deep into a book to help guide me into the understanding of Hinduism and it’s been difficult to put it down. The oldest and most tolerant religion has stood against the test of time and countless missionaries with no failing. A religion based on compassion, acceptance, and respect for everyone without trying to pass judgment is something I can believe in. I grew up Catholic and it always amazed me the people who held onto the notion or desire of wanting to be Catholic. You’re always told any bad thought, any ill deed, anything you do that we don’t approve of will send you to hell so you must repent your sins on a frequents basis. Or the concept (and embarrassing attitudes) of Christianity where if you do not accept our savior Jesus then you will spend all of eternity in the pits of fire.

Hinduism believes in the basis that all (no matter what you do or have done in life) are all dear and sacred to God. No one person is held higher or lower than the next, we are all equal. It’s just depending on your choices in life will determine your future karma and how many more lives you will live before you can reach full enlightenment.

And as for God, there is only one manifested into whomever or however you see fit. Be it God, Goddess, It, Rama, Vishnu, Ganesh, Shiva, Mother Earth, and so on. There is only one, but God goes by many names and can take on many manifestations. A very tolerant religion that allows you to view God in whatever way appeals to you. I like this very much.

I desire more knowledge.




This has become somewhat of a lazy day. I took a shower and have so far done nothing more than watching episodes of Raising Hope on Netflix. I was thinking of maybe a 1 to 2 mile run later today along with some weight lifting afterward. Maybe cleaning a bit, maybe not. I’m feeling tired.

Aw Dammit!


I forgot my phone at home 😡 I woke up early and left early so I can get to work at a reasonable time without the need to scramble around like a mad woman. One day of work and the another day off follows. Yippee! 😀

I actually completed most of my list yesterday, with the exception of clipping the cat’s nails and working on the bathroom. I did, however, pull all the magazines out of the bathroom, pull any and all good recipes from them before tossing the, I really need to find a paper recycling joint for that kind of stuff. Once that is done, all I will have left is the pantry closet and the animal room!!

Over and out!

Off to a great start!


It’s 8AM, here’s what’s left of my list:

1. Feed Snakes
2. Laundry – 4 loads are in, 2 to follow
3. Run
4. Make Lunches
5. Clean Litter Boxes
6. Vacuum
7. Clean/Organize Kitchen and Bathroom
8. Clip Cat Nails
9. Take Photos
10. Reschedule Appointment

Not too shabby. Going to start on the kitchen next, some of that stuff I will wait before starting so I can not be so mean to my douche bag neighbors who, come to think of it, I should call the office today and complain about their inconsiderate and asshole-ish demeanor from this weekend 🙂

Monday To-Do List


I don’t even get a break on my days off anymore. Oh well, that’s the joy of being an adult, taking responsibility with your life and getting shit done.

1. Feed Snakes
2. Fill Fish Tank
3. Water Plants
4. Laundry (I’ve a mega fuck ton of it too)
5. Run
6. Make Lunches
7. Clean Litter Boxes
8. Vacuum
9. Clean/Organize Kitchen and Bathroom
10. Take Down Tree 😦
11. Clip Cat Nails
12. Take Photos
13. Reschedule Appointment

I’m drawing a blank. That may be all of it or it may not be all of it. I can’t say. I don’t know why I capitalized everything but I did, so fuck off! 🙂

Happy New Year!!


Not really, as I was almost run over/through by multiple different vehicles in different cities. Good times and thanks for the memories you drunks!! t(-_<)

New year means we are closer to Operation Country Dinosaurs 😀 Yippe Skippee!! I just got to finish up work here today and I also need to call our apartment complex to complain about our inconsiderate neighbors downstairs. Must be nice to act like you're the only person in the building blasting your surround sound and bass on a regular basis. I hope you get kicked out, so then Rob and I can move downstairs so we have more room for Operation Country Dinosaurs. *sigh, I really need to pain that pig soon.